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Mickey Keenan is Professor of Behaviour Analysis in the School of Psychology, Ulster University, N. Ireland. He is a Fellow of the British Psychology Society and a Trustee of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. He spearheaded the uptake of ABA-based interventions for children with autism in Ireland and in the Czech Republic and lead the development of the MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Ulster University.

His publications span a range of experimental and applied areas including autism, gerontology, precision teaching, bereavement, sex abuse, video modelling, stimulus equivalence, schedules of reinforcement, private events, teaching behaviour analysis. He received the following honours for his work:

He has led two major European projects developing multimedia training tools for teaching Applied Behaviour Analysis to parents of children with autism, which produced the multilingual online tutorial SimpleSteps, available in 10 languages.

Mickey Keenan BCBA-D
Ulster University
N. Ireland
[email protected]

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Karola Dillenburger is Professor of Behaviour Analysis and Education and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Analysis at Queen’s University Belfast. She co-ordinates the MSc in Autism Spectrum Disorders (MSc ASD) and teaches on the online MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis (MSc ABA), that includes an ABAI verified course sequence.

Her research focuses on evidence-based early intervention for vulnerable children, parent training and education, trauma-informed concepts and practice, loss and bereavement, and the quality of life of adults with disabilities and their families across the lifespan. Her main emphasis is on the inclusion of people with disabilities.

She has conducted major government funded studies in Northern Ireland, that provide evidence of autism awareness, prevalence, health and wellbeing, and interventions. She has presented evidence to Government representatives, including Ministers of Health and Education in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Japan, and China. She has evaluated Professional Standards for special education teachers and behaviour analysts in the United Arab Emirates and has served as external examiner for a range of national and international universities.

Working closely with local parents and professionals, she played a leading role in bringing ABA-based interventions and University training in behaviour analysis to the Czech Republic.

She has published eight books, five multimedia training resources, and over 100 academic peer-reviewed papers. She frequently speaks at national and international conferences.

Karola Dillenburger Clin Psych (HCPC); BCBA-D
Queen’s University Belfast
N. Ireland
[email protected]

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